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Liberal or Conservative? Where you shop reveals how you vote

Gap sells clothes to both genders, as does Express . But modern style, particularly inexpensive modern style, is the key element in many of the stores on this list. That makes sense, of course, when you think of the age of liberal Democrats, who tend to be younger than Republicans when pollsters ask party identification questions. And even though this is a list of online retailers, there is a real-world geographic component to much of it. The stores’ brick-and-mortar locations tend to be heavily based in urban areas, just like liberal Democratic voters. When you shop at Urban Outfitters online you can be anywhere, but the store’s physical locations are cheapest online shopping sites clustered around big cities and college towns. There are only 53 Bloomingdale’s store locations in the United States, but they are all based near big metro areas. The list is evidence that your everyday, real-life experiences color the world you see and inhabit, even when you are shopping online, where geography doesn’t really matter. You may notice there is one store that makes both the conservative Republican and liberal Democrat online shopping sites list lists: Crate & Barrel . In a country that is politically divided and self-segregated on so many points, that’s an accomplishment.

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